Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Choosing YOUR perfect foundation/eyeshadows/blush

So there has been alot of questions of how to choose your right foundation shade, eyeshadows and blush colors for your skin tone. So here is the basic break down of how to choose YOUR perfect foundation, eyeshadow or blush.

Foundation :

If your skin falls in the COOL tones you usually have some shades of pink in it. Your veins on your underside of your wrist and arm are usually blueish. You look great in pink & blue clothing. Your skin can be light or dark but the tone in it tends to be pink. You should look for foundations that have tints of pink to them. Pink is a cool shade of red. Stay away from golden or warm red tones to the foundation!

If you skin falls in the WARM tone you usually have some shades of red, yellow or green tones to them. Some people say you look good in earth tones. Your veins on the underside of your wrist tend to be greenish. You look good in golden colors, greens and a huge variety of brown shades. You should look for foundations that have yellow tones or warm red tones to them. Stay away from pinks at all cost!

If your skin is in the NEUTRAL category, you can wear both cool & warm tones equally. Neutrals are a mixture of both warm & cool colors. You can have either bluish or greenish veins on the underneath of you wrist. You can wear both blues & pinks as well as browns & green clothing. You can wear a mixture of either the cool or warm tones. Try to find by trial and error the tone you look best in cool or warm.

By figuring out if you have cool, warm or neutral tones, you then can save lots of time & money by not investing in a shade you would never wear. Once you find your right shade, then you can narrow down to the brand type, mineral or liquid, maximum or light coverage and finally the best bargains

Eye shadow colors :

Blue eyes: Rich warm browns, warm taupes and soft peaches

Green and Hazel eyes: Golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches and soft violets.

Grey eyes: Charcoal, cool brown and purple.

Brown eyes: Knock yourself out...you lucky women get to wear any color you want!

When you are picking colors for your skin tone, stick with natural, subtle colors. If you have a fair complexion, it is best to stay away from dark colors. For dark skinned women, you should stay away from white or light colors; look for eyeshadows that are deep with color.
Choosing the best eyeshadow for your skin tone and eye color will help your eyes to stand out. It makes the whites of the eyes appear "whiter," causing the iris color to "pop." I'm not saying you have to stick with these colors for the rest of your life, I know we all need a little variety. But these are the best colors for you on the days you really want to look your best.

Blushes :

Work with your coloring. People with light hair tend to look better with a slightly ruddier color. But, avoid colors with too much brown on the upper and middle of your cheek bones. Brown shades on the cheek bones create shading. This is the opposite of what you want the blush to do. You want your blush to highlight and bring out your cheek bones.

Try the basics. Pinks, peaches, rose and berry are all great base colors and they come in a variety of tones, from light to deep. Play with the colors you like from these categories. It’s all right to mix and match blush colors. It’s about finding the right color for you, and not everyone finds their perfect color pre-made.

Try not to use your bronzer as a blush. Bronzers tend to have a brown base. If you use a bronzer, apply it all over the face before you apply your blush. Then add your blush color to the cheeks for a more natural finish

Use two colors if you want a shading effect. For more definition to your cheek bones, apply a slightly darker shade of the same color base under your cheek bones, in the hollows of your cheeks. Use a light hand and be sure to blend upwards into a light matching shade applied to your cheek bones.

Choose a shade that compliments your lipstick. This helps keep your look more uniform and natural. If you’re wearing very light lipstick of a clear gloss, try a cheek stain instead of traditional blush. Cheek stain will give a natural healthy glow

Now this is all the basic information you need to know. For eyeshadows, really you can wear whatever color you feel comfortable wearing, of course try to be appropriate for the occasion.

Hope this helps those who are having problems or have had problems with picking the right colors for your skin tone.

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