Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on me and family

We recently had our baby girl!! On Dec 2nd @ 7:46am Loren Jae arrived weighing in at 6lbs 9oz and 19 inches long. We've been having a rough past couple of weeks with lots of doctor appointments, but we are finally on our way! No more doctor visits until she is 2 months old unless she gets sick between now and then. But hopefully not! Our 2 year old son is definitely enjoying her! He is always trying to play with her and is a HUGE help. Sometimes too much of a help, he is always wanting to help out.

*Picture below : Brother made a pallette on the floor and wanted sister to lay with him, her pacifier fell out of her mouth so he was putting it back in, tapping on it saying "shh shh shh"*

On another note, I have a TON of jewlery on hand that I need to sell. Everything is 50-75% off retail value. Sale prices range from $8-$18! Shipping is $2 per piece, if more than one piece shipping will be combined. (Prices can be negotiated) I have 10+ of most pieces, so if you're wanting multiples of an item please ask, so I can check.

Here is some pictures of what I have. If you'd like to see more email me! Put "Christmas/New Year's Sale in the subject and I'll send you the pics of each item I have on hand.



My Bizzy World said...

very nice blog jess. do you still have that cross?


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