Saturday, February 21, 2009



So I thought I had figured this thing all out, now I'm thinking I didn't. I can't get my blog titles to shows, comment option, and my blog posts are pushed too far to the right!

Ugh this thing is really starting to aggravate the crap out of me! So much that I'm about to give up completely and forget all about this. I've posted on the blogger help group and NO one there can help me either!! WTH?! There are millions of people out there that have blogs, along with tons of people who do know HTML and not a single person out there is able to help me? Just seems very messed up to me. As when anyone else, when they need help everyone is there to jump and help, and I'm one of those who jumps to help, but when I need help, there is NO one around or willing to help.

ok so enough for the rant, back to trying to figure this stupid thing out!


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